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To decompress and reconnect my Lovebug and I go fishing! Close to home or way up in the mountains, fishing and laughing and talking

beside a lake, even if we never get a bite,

is where we fall in love all over again and

again and again and again!

My very first attempt at hand lettering! Such fun!

 "For some people, art is baking a homemade apple pie for their family. For others, it's creating a new and challenging exercise program. For me, it's drawing animals and memorializing beloved pets with my pet portraits. Every art form requires its own tools and supplies. And every great piece of art gives to the creator as much as it does to others. Art is a gift!

So, your prompt for this week is to think about your own "art". Journal your gratitude for the supplies you have access to and how they allow you to freely express yourself." ~Jenny Frith

My Grandma Nellie's relish dish turned paint pallet. It works perfectly and cleans up so nice!

On a cold winter morning, before the sun gets above the horizon, it is chilly and I am in my winter-woolie-jammies.  After the coffee has begun brewing and my sweet Delilah has had some breakfast and a reluctant trip outside to potty, we do our most favorite part of the morning. We snuggle up on the couch under a warm blanket, put Joyce Meyer or Steven Furtick on the TV and watch the rest of the household prepare for their day and head out the door. We admit, we feel a little smug (and snug) that we don't have to go outside to go to work!


These books. Oh these books! I am so grateful for introductions to each of these tomes and their effect on the way I live my days. From Bible stories when I was a little girl about larger than life people who seemed so tangible.  To Battlefield of the Mind and Joyce Meyer's teachings that you don't have to think every thought that drops into your brain. And then encountering Mr. Lewis's tongue in cheek versions of those voices in our heads that simply seek to derail and destroy, And how to take captive the garbage in my brain and turn it over to God who takes it away and shows me TRUTH. What a relief!

Love = Flowers! Or is it Flowers = Love?

Thank you to my Lovebug who never fails to bring home pretty flowers,

whether it's a special occasion or a garden variety Tuesday! 


Like most people, I love music. ALL different kinds. From Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells to Metallica's Enter Sandman and scads of goodies in between (Snow Patrol, Billy Joel, Sons of the San Joaquin, Pink, I could go on and on.) Music brings back memories, energizes and inspires you, and can even make you get down on the floor and cry your eyes out. It's powerful stuff. It's VERY personal and often times hard to explain to someone who doesn't live inside your head with you. I decided, on this prompt, instead of potentially digging too deep and and then climbing into the hole, I went with "What music touched me most recently?" That was easy! The YouTube video of "Jazz For Cows" made the rounds not too long ago and I was entranced! Watched it over and over again. Take a look, and enjoy!

"Role Models" was a tough one! I guess because it was SO special, I didn't want to muck it up. So here it is, my role model, the one I hope to be like when I grow up... Pastor Rex Townsley of Stillwater Cowboy Church. A more precious, loving, caring, generous and kind man, there is not. No question, he is the epitome of the words Role Model, and not just for me, but for every life he touches.

Pastor Rex Townsley
His hat, boots, guitar, etc. are meant to represent
The Armor of God.

I'm not a big fan of shoes and 90% of the time (conservatively) I am either barefoot or wearing the next best thing to barefoot...flipflops!

However, this girl does love to put on her favorite cowboy boots and go play in the mud. Be it camping, fishing, or hunting, these boots have kept my feet clean, dry, and safe

for many moons,

and I LOVE them. They are as comfy as bedroom slippers and strong as any steel-toed work boot, plus they are my favorite color

(lime green)

and a gift from my Lovebug!

This photo was taken one beautiful late-spring evening on the Gunnison River near Blue Mesa Reservoir, CO. 

Clean water is so often a foregone conclusion in this our modern era in America. We have it, we use it daily and it's just always there. Hot showers, flush potties, dishwasher, clothes washer, on and on I could go, naming all the things that cause me to be grateful for clean water and modern plumbing. Most of all I am grateful for clean water in nature for boating and fishing and all the things that a clean body of Mother Nature's water, brings my family.


Nothing says to me, "Spring has sprung!" quite like crocuses. When I was a very young newlywed, many MANY moons ago, we lived on a cattle ranch 1,000 miles from nowhere (the house was a mile from the mailbox, the mailbox was 17 miles down a dirt road from the interstate and the exit off the interstate was 35 miles from the nearest town = nowhere.) I had no car, no telephone, no TV and only one scratchy country western radio station out of Amarillo, TX for company. I relied heavily on mail and packages from my beloved Grandma Nellie to keep me sane and smiling. My first winter on the ranch she sent me some crocus bulbs. "Plant them now and you'll have pretties in the spring." She was so right!


I have said it a million times if I've said it once, I am a MUSHROOM, not a flower! Not a big fan of sun, sunshine, sunburn, sunstroke, sun o rama. I have a deep appreciation for God's design, sun is life, etc. etc. However, I can appreciate it much more effectively, from an underground cave! Cold and dark and quiet! God made cold dark caves too ya know! That said, one upside to sun is it's ability to make pretty rainbows! Who doesn't love a rainbow?

Even mushrooms like rainbows!


The freedom and ability to walk boldly into the church of my choosing and worship my precious Father in heaven in whatever way I see fit, is the most overlooked freedom and greatest blessing I and my family enjoy. How quickly I forget that while I am sitting safely in a lovely building, with my church family, singing and learning God's Word, somewhere there are people who will not only risks their lives to worship and praise their God, but will surely die for their beliefs and actions in doing so.

Freedoms & Blessings Indeed!


Domestic magic doesn't get any better than this! Take some ingredients, anything that stands still long enough to grab and chuck in the pot will do. "Combination limitations," said no crockpot owner ever!  Plug in your magic pot, turn it on, then go about your business (making homemade paper mache out of dryer lint, perhaps?) When you get hungry, go back to the magic pot and VIOLA!! Meal time!


I don't do very many girlie things, never have, never will, but one thing I do love is pretty painted toenails! There is nothing better to lift the spirits than to look down at loveliness and remember the rare treat of a trip to the spa for tootsie beautification. Aaahhhhhhhhh!


Would you look at this sexy sofa?!? It may not seem like much to you, but this brand spankin new, never been sat on before sofa came home to live with us after many MANY years of a very ugly, old, blue plaid sofa "bed" that could easily have doubled as an anchor for a cruise ship (it was heavy I tell ya.) And I haven't even mentioned the smelly, sad, old, pink (Lovebug called it mauve) wall to wall nastiness that was once called carpet which Lovebug replaced with beautiful, clean, cool, smooth White Oak laminate flooring! These HUGE blessings were courtesy of a credit card we almost never use except for absolute necessities like snow/mud tires for our hunting truck or a new hot water heater (BTW, why is it called a hot water heater when you don't need to heat hot water??) Part 2 of this amazing blessing is we were able to pay off the sexy sofa and lovely laminate before 30 days had even passed with the help of a quickly posted tax return.

Timing is everything and we couldn't be happier!

This is my daughter Hollie. In 2013 she contracted Stevens Johnson's Syndrome. Sadly, SJS is on the rise, but back in 2013 it was quite rare and nearly always fatal. Those who did manage to survive were rendered blind by the effects of the disease. Not only did Hollie survive, but her beautiful green eyes are healthy and fully functional all thanks to a pioneer in amnio-grafting (the surgery didn't even have a name when it was performed on Hollie who was among the surgeon's firsts with the procedure.) Our level of appreciation for the blessing of healthy eyes is indescribable. Our thanks to God, the myriad of medical professionals we encountered during our 30+ days as residents of Denver Children's Hospital, (as well as the CareFlight Team From St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, CO who flew us to Denver, as well as the Emergency Room personnel at Family Health West in Fruita, CO where our horrifying journey began, and most of all a brave surgeon who saved my baby's vision, cannot ever be fully expressed enough. God's unending grace be upon those who care for children, Amen.

None of the above links in this post are affiliate links, they are strictly for educational purposes. 


I raised 4 children, 2 my biological children and 2 stepchildren. Our lives together as a family began when the children were ages 3, 2, 1, and 5 months. I wouldn't change a thing. (here comes the ubiquitous BUT...)

Being a good Mother, the one who drives the school bus, goes on field trips, bakes cupcakes for birthday parties and makes all Halloween costumes by hand, the one who packs healthy lunches, washes endless loads of laundry, kisses boo boos, designs colored dollar bills on behalf of the Tooth Fairy and has dinner on the family table every night before the sun goes down, being that Mother is the hardest job imaginable. It is not pretty and it is not very rewarding in the traditional sense of the word, but it is the single most important role a human on planet earth can possibly tackle. Knowing these 4 people today, my children,

makes it all worth it!

Having something growing on my window sill or in my Aerogarden is an intrinsic comfort that makes me smile! Seeing little green shoots turn into healthy, happy plants is an essential part of my life and my home.


"If it wasn't for Goodwill, I'd be naked."


Having something growing on my window sill or in my Aerogarden is an intrinsic comfort that makes me smile! Seeing little green shoots turn into healthy, happy plants is an essential part of my life and my home.

"There is nothing like the scent of a cool thunder storm on a warm mountain lake."

By the time I was born, my Grandma Nellie was WAY over the whole glass jars and pressure canning stage of life and had sailed smoothly into the small batch, pink Tupperware freezer container stage of life. She had a huge upright freezer in her breezeway filled to bursting with those sexy hot-pink containers! 2 of my favorite things I got to help her harvest and make were Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and Candied Dill Pickles.

Great childhood memories!

My very first memory is of my childhood bedroom in the little brick house on Loop St. near Dayton, Ohio. The grey cat, her name was Pussums. The room was a pale pink and the multi colored checked bed sheets are burned on my brain. I wasn't allowed to sleep on the top bunk for obvious reasons, but the handmade quilt pictured, was made by my Great Grandma Zula.

My first vehicle when I was 16 was a 1963 VW Beetle, which I purchased for $600 in 1989.  It was powder yellow and had been lovingly cared for and well maintained by one owner, a gentleman who was a school teacher in my town, but he lived 30 or so miles outside of town near a little village called Beaulah, up in the foothills of the Rocky Mtns. Having been driven to town on a windy, narrow, dirt road 5 days a week for 26 years...well let's just say she had some pretty serious road rash on her body and paint, but she was all mine, and I adored her! Best of all, I could fill up her tank and drive for what seemed like eons, on a ten dollar bill!

"This, This is the good stuff, right here!"

These 2 women, the heart & soul of Columbine Council - "Cookie" & "Kacki"

Pueblo, Colorado

It may look to others like we don't have much, just a second hand (albeit like new!) pop-up camper and an old aluminum boat, but to us they are like rubies and gold, we love and treasure them and our times shared in them, so very much. Our vacation trips to the mountains and to our myriad of favorite lakes and streams are little pieces of heaven on earth for us. Be it a full week long trip to celebrate our anniversary each year, or a short weekend jaunt over to Moab, UT to fish for catfish from the banks of the Colorado river, each trip is precious in our eyes, and SO much fun! We thank God each and every time for the endless blessings that our little camper and little boat provide.

"I have died every day waiting for you.

Darling don't be afraid,

I have loved you for a thousand years,

I'll love you for a thousand more!"

~Christina Perri

God made the decisions, we were just blessed by them!

I am blessed with my very own Super Hero. I call him Lovebug! With the patience of Job & the grace of Princess Grace herself, he deals with my A.D.D. Squirrel Moments, mild to moderate depression, hermit-itis, social anxiety & assorted  other neurosis's AND... he still loves me!

I told you...Super Hero! 

A good Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. 
Thanks Ray, where ever you are.

Have you ever seen such

mesmerized cows?

It's gotten really popular over the last decade to declare one's love for Fall and all things pumpkin spice. I enjoy Autumn for one simple gets cool enough to wear warm fuzzy "winter woolies" and sweaters!

I'm sure everyone has at least one household chore they completely despise. For me this chore was always loading and unloading the dishwasher. Boy do I wish I could go back and tell that dumb girl how lucky she was to always have an automatic dishwasher, because now...SHE is the dishwasher. Her and her 2 little hands and a sink-o-suds. Proving once again that you really don't know what you have until it's gone. Boo.

"When I said "I do." I didn't mean the dishes!"
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"A night like none other,

burned onto the celluloid of my brain.

Revelations of a love so bold and strong,

my young mind could not contain.

Jesus joined me where I stood,

that moment proof, he always would."


When my kids were little and we lived near here, we spent quite a few winter evenings and tons of summer days at Orvis Hot Springs. It has changed a lot over the years, but the atmosphere hasn't. You feel welcome and right at home as soon as you walk out into the gardens, and the indoor pond is magical day or night!

Click here to learn more about
Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway, CO.

I am a borderline Type2 diabetic managing pretty well with meds and diet, but I need to have my blood tested A LOT! As anyone who gets blood drawn frequently knows, a deftly skilled phlebotomist is a gift from God! I am eternally grateful for the ones who have the magic touch, and patiently pray for the ones who don't. It can not be an easy thing to learn and stomach! 

"I was feeling really literal this week."

When my Lovebug retires, we have a hard and fast plan to sell our home and most of what we own and head to Lake Powell to live on a houseboat. We dream about it, we talk about it, we make plans for it and save our dollars. Every decision we make is geared towards furthering our dream. We are focused, we are driven, and the day we become full time lake dwellers can not come soon enough!


My in-laws live in a home on the south bank of the Colorado River. This is where my Lovebug grew up and a big part of his deep love for nature and outdoor living was born here. This spot seems, at a glance, as if it is way out in the toolies away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but in fact town is within walking distance, and from town, you would never guess how beautiful and still a little wild this river bottom neighborhood really is. Most people would be stunned to know of the diversity of wildlife there is living just a couple clicks from their bank, grocery store, gas station, and favorite restaurant. My Mother and Father In-Law have huge hearts for the birds, flora, and fauna (including a fairly large herd of Ferrel cats) that frequent their home, and they spend a lot of time making sure nothing that swings by for a visit goes away hungry. Just to name a few, their "neighbors" include: Canada Geese, a myriad variety of ducks, Gambles Quail, foxes, rabbits, Mule Deer, raccoons, bobcats, frogs and the occasional Arctic Tundra Swan. It is a magical place few people are privy to.

"Never more grateful for warmth than when we are camping/hunting in the winter!"

my angel David, Army Veteran, stationed

in South Korea circa 1980's and
my son Kyle, active duty Navy currently

stationed in San Diego with his
beautiful wife Kyla (also active duty Navy

as well as her gorgeous twin
sisters Leasha & Chelsea) and to my crazy

Grandpa Hollie A. Eddy
infantryman WWII stationed in Germany

circa 1943-1945 who didn't get to
meet his own daughter until she was

2 yrs old (my mother, Beverly, born
in May 1943) I thank each of you,

not just today but EVERY day for your
sacrifices and dogged dedication.

Psalm 90:17

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the
work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!


This painting is based on my Father-In-Law's  tree, one which has very special meaning. This tree came to him many years ago as a tiny sprig in a Dixie Cup given to him by his Grandson Jess, who brought it home from an Arbor Day celebration. Together they planted the tree in a sunny spot where it would get plenty of water, and not expecting much from the tiny trimming, hoped for the best. Today it is a full and round and glorious 10 foot tall specimen of it's kind! It looks especially amazing when it is all dolled up in twinkle lights for Christmas. I always imagine that at night, when things get peaceful and quiet in the yard, the river bottom animals gather to enjoy it in all it's twinkly splendor, as well!

Mack Mesa Lake, 2015